Lauren's & Ryan's Wedding - May 18th 2019

This was a wedding of first's: it was the wedding planner's first wedding, it was the officiant's first wedding, it was my first wedding and it was the Bride's and Groom's first wedding too :-) Photographing weddings had not been on my agenda because it scared me to be responsible for capturing or actually for missing the important moments in a couple's big day. However, things that scare me are things that I need to try at least once in my life. Just because...

When I met Lauren the first time for coffee, I knew that I wanted to take her wedding photos. She was very nice, laid back and so easy to talk to. Lauren is a passionate softball coach and her fiancee is deeply rooted in the family business of SPS Houston. The wedding venue was to take place at the facilities of the family business and was planned to be an all outdoor dream. From ceremony in the lush greens to the reception under the stars. My wedding photography story almost ended here, because I asked her about the size of her wedding. I imagined my first wedding photography shoot to be small, 50people small or less to be precise. I was swallowing hard at the number 200 :-)

I only met Ryan a day before the rehearsal. His humour is at least as tall as himself and he is about 2 heads taller than me. I imagined myself running around with a ladder so that I could take a few photos at the same height as Lauren's and Ryan's eyes. When I excused myself and said "see you tomorrow at rehearsal" he said "is that tomorrow?" On the day of the rehearsal I came with my assistant Anna to check out the final setting and the plan B, the rain plan. Anna is the best thing that happened to me for this wedding shoot. She is studying photography and asked me to assist for a while to get more practical experience. In the end she was my eyes and ears. I would have missed quite a few shots without her. Thank you Anna. Back to plan B! The weather forecast sounded less than promising. Thunderstorms, some of them looked severe and it looked like we needed boats for the ceremony. Oh wow.

On the day of the wedding, I was super nervous, my addiction to coffee didn't help to minimise the shaking :-) The weather looked scary and I came with all the light creating gear I own (it is not a lot), just in case we ended up in the tent that was built overnight. We had light drizzles of rain throughout the day but enough dry patches to take pictures of the bride and groom separately outside. The weather forecast was checked again two hours before the ceremony. Magically a dry spell appeared and the bride and groom decided to take the risk and set everything up for the ceremony in the outdoors. I was relieved. If you believe it or not, the moment the bride walked down the aisle, the sun was shining her the way to her future husband. It was just magical and I had a wonderful "first" experience. I am looking forward to my next wedding. Anyone?

Here are my favorite photos of the day:

These men seemed to have a special bond. The wedding venue was the groom's family business and everyone felt right at home. The groomsmen got ready in the offices and then left through the manufacturing shed to get "married"!

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