Photographing Art

As previously mentioned, I like challenges at work. In this case, I didn't know that it would turn out to be a challenge.

I was hired to photograph art paintings to be sent to a gallery later. I love easy "ninetofive" work at home and went to pick up the art paintings. I was imagining to hang them on my wall in the studio and use the studio lights, easy peasy and done in no time.

The paintings had no hangers so I had to lay them flat. I took my camera and my brain started rotating. Art pieces, especially if they will end up in a catalogue have to be true to colour, or "wysiwyg" What you see is what you get. But it wasn't really the colour that was my problem, it was the light in my studio. I tried to use natural light from the window, it just came from one side which meant that the paintings would have a soft change of colour and shade. I tried the studio lights, but it would just play up with the gold flickers in the painting. I went all over my house and couldn't find a spot with even light that wouldn't disturb the image.

Looking outside, I saw a grey overcast day. Normally I don't light up when I see clouds hanging low outside but in this case I did. It was bright outside but since it was completely overcast there was even light. The clouds acted as a diffuser. Perfect to take photos true to the art.

Next challenge I had was the editing. Not the colour that was not a problem. But try this even with your phone camera. Take a picture of something square, then take a ruler and see if the sides are straight. They are absolutely not and you can try as long as you like, the dimensions will not be perfect. I also couldn't risk to crop the image too much as again, wysiwyg! Luckily Lightroom, the editing software I use, has a tool to fix this. It takes a bit of time but eventually the photos came out absolutely perfect. True to colour and light and true to the dimensions. I am a little bit proud of myself I have to admit. :-) So proud that I had to try out one of those apps where you can see how your art piece looks up on the wall. This one is called "art rooms" and it's pretty cool. Obviously you'd have to pay for it if you want that watermark gone.

I can completely understand if you have fallen in love with the art on display here. Unfortunately the artist is top secret (her name is Ana Cristina Kolmel), but if you bend my arm I will put you in contact with her. Actually, I hope my images will help to create her website and I will add it here as soon as it is online.

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