​"What other people do with words, I do with my camera." 



by passion, a GRAPHICS JUNKIE

for decades, a PROBLEM SOLVER

made by trade, devoted mother and WIFE

yoga & chocolate addictdaughter of a

Swiss chef, world traveller

love to discover, perfectionist

did you believe


About me

I am a photographer with a marketing background. The experience of working in multinational companies in public relations and marketing  still help me when I work with business clients. I am trained to know which images take your business to the next level. In these days, first impressions are online and if your pictures are not up to par you won't have a chance for an in-person impression.

I am also a mother of two "wonderful" teenage girls. Due to my husbands fabulous job skills, we were blessed with an expat life in many countries for the past 20 years. Therefore, managing new situations is something that runs in my blood and I never run out of ideas. You will notice that when we meet. Photography is my creative outlet and it also helps me to cope with the everyday stress life is throwing at us. When I am behind my camera, I am in a different world, a world I truly enjoy.

Now let's get shootin'

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